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Hot Jupiters with moderately high eccentric orbits. These orbits are usually caused by the tug of a more distant eccentric planet. These planets average distance is at epistellar distances, while their maximum distance may be somewhat further out.

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  • HD 217107 System - Contains the first discovered moderately eccentric Hot Jupiter. Its outer planet was suspected when the inner one was discovered due to its eccentricity (0.13) and confirmed with four other new multiplanet systems in 2005. The Outer planet c is highly eccentric and skirts the outer edge of the habitable zone.
  • HAT-P-17 System - Star 90 parsecs away containing a transiting eccentric Hot Saturn (half of Jupiter's mass) and a long period cold Jupiter.
  • TrES-1 System - Contains the first transiting exoplanet discovered with the TrES amateur equipment and second transiting exoplanet close enough to have its atmosphere studied. It is the first Hot Jupiter that had the expected radius. Was the one of the first two exoplanets to have its light separated from its host star. Has a cloud or torus of particles around it. Tidal heating is predicted due to its eccentric orbit, but this has not seem to have inflated its radius.

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