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The first half of the Cretaceous. New dinosurs, such as Psittacosaurus, spinosaurids, and coelurosaurs gained prominence. Others from the late Jurassic continued. In the seas, ichthyosaurs declined. Angiosperm and Eutherian plants appeared for the first time. The middle part of the Epoch was a colder time of the Cretaceous, downy feathers may have provides some dinosaurs and birds warmth during this period.

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  • Cretaceous Period - The end of the age of Dinosaurs.
    • Early Cretaceous Epoch
      • Berriasian Age - Berriasian Age
      • Valanginian Age - Valanginian Age
      • Hauterivian Age - Hauterivian Age
      • Barremian Age - Barremian Age
      • Aptian Age - Aptian Age
      • Albian Age - Albian Age

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