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EZ Aquarii is also called Gl 866, L 789-6, and informally Proxima Aquarii. Nearby triple red dwarf star system, all near the lower limit of hydrogen burning of 75 Jupiters. All three put together is about a third of the Sun's mass. A (M5Ve) is only 11% as massive as the sun and 15% its diameter. Its high proper motion was first discovered by Luyten. A and B are in an eccentric orbit separated by 1.2 AU on average. A also has a spectroscopic binary companion C which has a period of only 3.8 days. C is so small that it's possible that it's a brown dwarf, though probably not. The stars are close enough to interfere with each other's habitable zones. It's possible a habitable planet exists around B, but flares would make this difficult.

Naming Note: Its high proper motion was discovered by Luyten, but the name EZ Aquarii may outdate L 789-6.

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