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Site in Altai mountains near in Siberia near Mongolian boarder. Denisovan humans were discovered here. The toe of an inbred Neanderthal which was DNA sequenced was found here. A Neanderthal woman with human genes was found here. Both species were dated to 30-50 ka. A 50ka+ Neanderthal bone that passed through the stomach of a hyena was also found here and identified with collagen fingerprinting.


100,000 Years Ago[]

The cave was occupied by Neanderthals and Denisovans, perhaps each at the edge of their own domains.

Earlier History[]

  • Before 300ka - The cave was occupied by now-extinct prehistoric animals
  • 300ka - Denisovans being occupying the cave
  • 200ka - Neanderthals begin occupying cave with Denisovans

Later History[]

  • 97ka - About the time Neanderthals left the cave
  • 79.3-90-118.1ka - Dawn, the 13 year old daughter of a Denisovan father and a Neanderthal mother was buried in this cave.
  • 52ka - About the time that Denisovans left the cave
  • 43-45-49ka - Pointed bones and pierced teeth in this cave, possibly by denisovans or modern humans, or a hybrid

Modern History[]


Denisova Cave Web Pages[]


  • Order Primates (Primates) - Mammals with long arms.
    • Family Homonidae (Homonids)
      • Genus Homo (Homo) - The human genus.
        • Species Neanderthal (Neanderthals) - The closest known extinct species to humans.
        • Species Denisovan (Denisovans) - A species of humans in Asia that interbred with modern humans.
          • Specimen Denny (Neanderthal/Denisovan Hybrid)
        • Species Sapiens (Modern Humans) - Anatomically modern humans.

Denisova Cave In the News[]

Neanderthal Genome Shows Early Human Interbreeding, Inbreeding (2013)[]

First high quality of Neanderthal genome created (from a 50 TYO Neanderthal woman's toe in Denisova Cave), allowing for comparison between modern humans and Denisovans.
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Neanderthals mates with modern humans much earlier than previously though (2016)[]

Human DNA found in an Neanderthal suggests failed migration out of Africa and early interbreeding.

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