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Denebola is also known as Beta Leonis, HR 4534, Gl 448, and HD 102647. It is the second brightest star in Leo and its name refers to the tail of the Lion. It is a white main sequence star, twice the Sun's mass with 50% more of its radius. It is a Delta Scuti type variable star, meaning that its magnitude varies very slightly over a period of a few hours. It has a circumstellar disk caused by collisions of smaller planetary bodies. This was first detected by excess infrared radiation detected in 1983. It is thought that one band starts at 0.13 to 0.43 AU, and another further out at 13 AU to 19 AU. The habitable zone ranges from 2.3 to 4.8 AU. It is part of the stellar association dubbed the IC 2391 supercluster.

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