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Order consisting of Australia's predatory marsupials.

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  • Phylum Chordata (Chordates) - Animals with a backbone or closely related to one.
    • Class Mammalia
      • Order Multituberculata (Multituberculates) - A group of successful rodent-like mammals that with origins in the Triassic and lasted until after the fall of the dinosaurs until they were out-competed by rodents and other mammals. The longest lived group of mammals. Ate mostly flowering plants.
      • Clade Metatheria (Metatherians) - Clade of mammals more closely related to Kangaroos than humans. Many of these species were wiped out along with the Dinosaurs, allowing placental mammals to take their place.
        • Infraclass Marsupialia (Marsupials) - Infraclass of mammals which tend to give birth to relatively undeveloped young and then carry them along in a pouch during infancy.
          • Super Order Australidelphia (Australidelphians) - Australidelphians
            • Family Thylacinidae - The top predator on Tasmania. Extinct about a hundred years ago. Resembles a tiger due to its stripes. Males also have pounches.

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