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The end of the age of Dinosaurs.

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  • Cenozoic Era (66-0 MYA) - The current era. The age of mammals.
  • Mesozoic Era (252-66 MYA) - "Middle life" era. Age of reptiles.
    • Cretaceous Period (145-66 MYA) - The end of the age of Dinosaurs.
      • Late Cretaceous Epoch (100.5-66 MYA) - Second half of the Cretaceous. The last epoch of the dinosaurs and one of its greatest. In Asiamerica, Duck billed, Ankylosaurids, horned, Tyrannosaurs, Pachycephalosaurids, and Dromaeosaurs were present. Gondwanaland had different dinosaurs, including Abelisaurs and Titanosaurs. Birds began to replace Pterosaurs in the air. Didelphid marsupials and placental mammals diversified but were still small. In the sea, mososaurs, modern sharks, and polycotylid pliosaurs appeared. Long necked elasmosaurs diversified, while Ichthyosaurs went extinct. An explosion of flowering plant species occurred at the beginning.
      • Early Cretaceous Epoch (146-100 MYA) - The first half of the Cretaceous. New dinosurs, such as Psittacosaurus, spinosaurids, and coelurosaurs gained prominence. Others from the late Jurassic continued. In the seas, ichthyosaurs declined. Angiosperm and Eutherian plants appeared for the first time. The middle part of the Epoch was a colder time of the Cretaceous, downy feathers may have provides some dinosaurs and birds warmth during this period.
    • Jurassic Period (203.1-145 MYA) - Middle part of "middle life". Followed the Triassic-Jurassic extinction event. Witnessed the breakup of the supercontinent Pangea. Forest formed along new coastlines. Dinosaurs dominated the land. The first birds appeared. Pterasaurs were in the air. Ichthyosaurs and Plesiosaurs were in the sea. Mammals also existed, but were overshadowed by Reptiles.
    • Triassic Period (252.2-201.3) - First part of "Middle Life".

Life Forms[]

  • Class Reptilia (Reptiles) - Class of egg-laying animals.
    • Order Ornithischia (Ornithischians) - One of two orders of Dinosaurs. The "bird-hipped", planteating dinosaurs.
      • Family Ceratopsidae (Ceratopsids) - Horned dinosaurs.
        • Subfamily Chasmosaurinae (Chasmosaurinae) - Subfamily of Ceratopsids characterized by developed brow horns.

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