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The main center of worship of muslim Andalusia in Spain, which was later turned into a Cathedral during the Spanish Reconquest.


1000 AD[]

The mosque was near its final form at this time.

Earlier History[]

Tradition says a Visigothic church originally stood where this building is now.

In 756, the Emirate of Cordoba was created by an Umayyad prince Abd al-Rahman after they lost the position of Caliph in Damascus to the Abbasids in 750.

In 784, Abd al-Rahman I ordered construction of the mosque.

In 929, the Caliphate of Cordoba succeeds the Emirate of Cordoba after the Emir promoted himself to a Caliph after being challenged by the Fatimids in Africa.

Later History[]

In 1031, the caliphate fractured into a number of Muslim taifa (kingdoms).

In 1236, Cordoba returned to Christian rule and this mosque was converted to a cathedral.

Modern History[]

The building became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984.

Since the early 2000's, Muslims have lobbied officials in Spain and the Vatican for permission to worship in this building, which has been consistently rejected.

In 2010 fighting broke out when a group of Muslim visitors knelt to pray.


The building is a popular tourist destination today.

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