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Animals with a backbone or closely related to one.

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  • Kingdom Animalia (Animals) - Mobile multicellular life forms.
    • Phylum Chordata
      • Class Actinopterygii (Ray-Finned Fish) - Bony fish with rays on their fins.
      • Class Conodonta (Conodonts) - Extinct Eel-like chordates. Their only physical remains are their teeth, the sharpest known of all animals. They have unusual jaws compared to other animals. Some imprints have been found. First found in the Permian and survived until the Triassic-Jurrassic extinction event.
    • Super-Class Tetropoda (Tetropods) - Four limbed vertebrates.
      • Class Reptilia (Reptiles) - Class of egg-laying animals.
      • Class Aves (Birds) - Feathered birds.
      • Class Mamalia (Mammals) - Class of animals where the female provides nourishment to their young with mammary glands. They also have hair, 3 middle ear bones, and a neo-cortex.

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