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The current era. The age of mammals.

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  • Phanerozoic Eon (0.542-0.0 BYA) - The current geological eon, and the one where abundant animal life is present.
    • Cenozoic Era (66-0 MYA) - The current era. The age of mammals.
      • Quaternary Period (2.58-0.00 MYA) - The current Period. The age of humans. This time is the "current ice age", the Quaternary Glaciation.
      • Neogene Period (23-2.58 MYA) - Second of 3 periods of Cenozoic.
      • Paleogene Period (66-23 MYA) - Earliest part of the Cenozoic.
    • Mesozoic Era (252-66 MYA) - "Middle life" era. Age of reptiles.
    • Paleozoic Era (541-252.2 MYA) - Early age of the animals.

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