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A VR version of he Carnivals Games series.

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Game Modes[]

Cowpoke Corral

  • Alley Ball - Alley Ball
  • Golden Arm - Game where you try to knock down milk jugs.
  • Shooting Gallery - Game where you shoot as many targets as you can. Multiple targets in a set multiplies score for those items.

Gizmo Grove

  • Funnel Cake Stacker - Funnel Cake Stacker
  • Shark Tank - Shark Tank
  • Haunted House - Haunted House

Sports Station

  • Swish - Swish
  • Alley Ball - Alley Ball
  • Down the Stretch - Down the Stretch

Wizards Walkway

  • Ring Toss - Ring Toss
  • Pop Darts - Pop Darts
  • Climbing Wall - Climbing Wall

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