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Brown Dwarfs which have their own planets or debris disks.

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Example Systems[]

  • ISO-Oph 102 System - First brown dwarf found to have rocky grains in its dust belt, a precursor to rocky planets. Embedded in a stellar nursery 400 light years away. Scientists previously thought such a system would not be possible because they were thought to have too few dusty particles moving too quickly.
  • OGLE-2012-BLG-0358 System - A brown dwarf with 0.022 SM with a 1.9 MJ planet separated by 0.87 AU detected by a microlensing technique. One of the smallest planet candidates found around a Brown Dwarf, which is not likely itself to be a brown dwarf.
  • MOA-2007-BLG-192L System - A very dim Red Dwarf star (once thought to be a potential Brown Dwarf) around which the smallest known exoplanet around a normal star (1.4 ME, once thought to be 3.3 ME) orbits. Orbiting at Venus-like distances, the planet is likely an icy frozen super-Earth.

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