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Relatives of dogs. Include the largest land predators.

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  • Order Carnivora (Carnivorans) - Order of carnivorous placental mammals, including cats, dogs, and bears.
    • Family Ursidae
      • Genus Ursus
        • Species Ursus maritimus (Polar Bears) - Bears adapted for cold climate, derived from Black Bears. The largest land predator and largest bear with the Kodiak. Hunt seals and spend most of their life on sea ice. Mitochondrial DNA research suggested they evolved only Late Pleistocene. New research from DNA from both parents show that it evolved much earlier, in the Middle Pleistocene, and that they had mixed with Brown Bears again more recently.
        • Species Ursus arctus (Brown Bears) - Closely related to Polar Bears and with them are the largest land predators and bears. Hunt mostly fish. Has several subspecies including Grizzly bears and Kodiak bears.

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