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This world is a world of knights, sorcerers, castles, and monsters. About a hundred years ago, it was realized that ancient runes contained magical energy in them that could be harnessed to perform spells. Scholars strove to understand the ancient symbols contained on these runes in order to unlock their power. By trial and error, it was found that the arrangements of these symbols constituted a puzzle that implored a solution. When the desired solution was given, the mental energies of the one who solved the problem could be transformed into magical power that could be tapped. Scrolls that could transfer this power into a particular magical spell were created and distributed.

However, special training was required in order to use this type of magic. Thus, St. Agnelia's Academy was founded. This place of learning has produced several generations of the top mages in the land. You play the role of a student who has sought to be among their ranks.

You may play as any original character you prefer. Here is one such student you can play as.


Misty is a young would be witch. She comes from a long line of witch's with natural magical abilities. However, she has found that she has absolutely no magical abilities herself. She endured many years of teasing from her family members because of this. She then learned of a method of using magic that did not rely on one's own magical aptitude. With the aid of the ancient runes and the power of her own mind, she could become as accomplished a witch as anyone in her family - especially her older sister. She set out to St. Agnelia's Academy.

Misty wears a traditional witch's hat, glasses, and has curly brown hair. She is accompanied by her faithful white and black chihuahua Patches. She has tried to train her dog to act as her familiar, but well, he seems to have no interest in it. Perhaps she should follow everyone's advice and just get a cat, but she is as stubborn as he is.

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