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BD-08°4352 is also known as Wolf 630, Gl 644, and HD 152751. It is a nearby triple or quadruple (once thought to be quintuple, and the nearest one) red dwarf system in Ophiuchus, consisting of Gl 644 A, Bb, Bc, C. It is also known as Gl 644. All stars are red dwarfs, but combined exceed the Sun's mass. Stars A and B (Ba/Bb) are separated by about 1.3 AU, which for 50 years was the closest any stars have been visually resolved since its duplicity was found in 1934. These three stars are probably coplanar. Star A is the flare star known as V1054 Ophiuchi. Star B is a close unresolved spectroscopic binary, with Ba and Bb being separated only by 0.04 AU (but it might just be a single star). Star C orbits at 1420 AU away, though stability analysis suggests it must be at least 2840 AU. It is flare star and also known as VB 8 and is the smallest and faintest member. VB 8 is the M7 V spectral standard star. In 1984, there were claims that the first exoplanet orbited this star, and later claims of a Brown Dwarf, but these have been refuted. It was once thought that Wolf 629 was gravitationally bound to this system, which was also dubbed planet D. Parallax measurements showed that it has to be at least 1 ly from the system though. The star is the first star in the proposed Wolf 630 moving group.

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