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BD+43°4305 is also known as Gl 873 and informally as Proxima Lacertae. It is a very active and well observed flare star known as EV Lacertae. It was observed by the SWIFT satellite emitting the largest flare observed in the solar neighborhood in 2008. It was the brightest as seen from Earth around any star other than the Sun and would have made the star visible to the naked eye for one to two hours. Such a flare would strip the atmosphere off of a life bearing planet. This offered proof that the star was indeed young and had a much stronger magnetic field than the Sun. Magnetic double layers from this star probably extend for thousands of light years. The star has 28% of the Sun's mass, 38% of its radius, and is normally a magnitude 11.7 star. The rotates in only 4.4 days and is about 100 mllion years old. It is covered in dark star spots. In the 1970's and 80's, it was suggested that some of the flare activity could be explained by a further out red dwarf or brown dwarf companion exists in a 45 year orbit. This has not been confirmed.

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