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Archird is also known as Eta Cassiopeiae and Gliese 34. Nearby yellow dwarf star (A) orbited by an orange dwarf star (B). It is the brightest star near the lines formed by the "W" of the constellation. Star A is also known as HR 219, LHS 123, and HD 4614, while Star B is also known as LHS 122. Star A is about the same size, mass, and age as the Sun, but only about 65% as metal rich. It represents what the Sun might look like from Archird. Its habitable zone is centered on 1.35 AU. At one time, Star A was thought to have a spectroscopic binary companion with a nine day orbit period. Star B may have first been discovered by William Hershel in 1779 two years prior to discovering Uranus, while he was seeking nearby double stars for parallax studies. Star B ranges from 36 to 107 AU. It has 56% of the Sun's mass and 66% it diameter, but only 3% its luminosity. Radial velocity variations have been detected, though no planet has been announced at this time. The system is a top tier target for TPF. In Star Trek, this is home to Terra Nova.

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