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Prehistoric Scratchpad

Animalia Kingdom (Animal)[]

Chordata Physlum (Vertibrates)[]

Mammalia Class (Mammals)[]

Theria Sub-Class (Lack hard shell)::
Eutheria Infra-Class (No Pouch)::
Boreoeutheria Magna-order::
Euarchontoglires Super-order (Supraprimates)::

Primates Order[]
Hominidae Family (Homonids)[]
  • Homo Genus
    • Neandertals - In Walking with Beasts
    • Modern Humans (Cro-Magnum Man) - In Walking with Beasts, Prehistoric Park
  • Australopithecus Genus - In Walking with Beasts

Laurasiatheria (From Laurasia) Super-Order::

Carnivora Order (Carnivores)[]

Caniformia (Doglike) Sub-Order::

Ursidae Family (Bears)[]
  • Ursus Genus
    • Cave Bear [1] - In Prehistoric Park

Tremarctini Subfamily::

  • Arctodus Genus [2] - In Jurassic Fight Club
Canidae Family (Canine Relatives)[]
  • Canis Genus
    • Gray Wolf [3] - In Prehistoric Park

Feliformia (Cat-like) Sub-Order::

Felidae Family (Cats)[]

Machairodontinae Sub-Family (rough sabre tooth cats)::

  • Smilodon Genus (true sabre tooth cats)
    • Smilodon populator - In Prehistoric Park

Pantherinae Sub-Family::

  • Panthera Genus
    • Panthera leo (Lion)
      • Panthera leo atrox Subspecies (American Lion) - In Prehistoric Park
Hyaenidae Family (Hyenas)[]
  • Crocuta Genus
    • Cave Hyenas [4] - In Prehistoric Park
Perissodactyla Order (Odd-Toed Ungulates)[]
Equidae Family[]
  • Equus Genus
    • Wild Horse [5] - Found in walking with beasts
Rhinocerotidae Family (Rhinocerus)[]
  • Elasmotherium Genus [6] - In Prehistoric Park
Artiodactyla Order (Even-Toed Ungulates)[]
Cervidae Family (Deer)[]

Unspecified Deer [7] in Prehistoric Park

Bovidae Family (Bovids)[]

Bovinae Sub-Family::

  • Bison [8] - Hunted by man in Walking with Beasts

Meridiungulata Super-Order (South American Ungulates, part of Laurasiatheria Super-Order?)::

Notoungulata Order[]
Toxodontidae Family[]

Toxodontinae Sub-Family::

  • Toxodon Genus - Featured in Prehistoric Park

Not in Boreoeutheria Magna-Order::
Afrotheria Super-Order::

Proboscidea Order[]
Elephantidae Family (Elephants)[]
  • Mammoth Genus
    • Woolly Mammoth [9] - In Walking with Beasts, Prehistoric Park

Xenarthra Superorder::

Cingulata Order (Armadillos)[]
Dasypodidae Family (Modern Armadillos)[]

Euphractinae Subfamily::

  • Euphractus Genus
    • E. sexcinctus (Six-banded Armadillo) [10] - In Prehistoric Park

Aves Class (Birds)[]

Cariamae Order[]
Phorusrhacidae Family (Terror Birds)[]
  • Phorusrhacos Genus
    • Phorusrhacos longissimus - In Prehistoric Park