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Altair is also called Alpha Aquilae, GJ 768, HD 187642, and HR 7557. Second nearest A main sequence class star, on the verge of becoming a sub-giant, and about 1 Billion years old. One of the stars of the Summer Triangle and 12 brightest star in the sky. It is a particularly rapidly spinning (9 hours) and flattened (20%) star. It has 1.7 the Sun's mass and 1.8 its diameter. Its brightness fluxuates slightly, classifying it as a Delta Scuti variable star and given a New Suspected Variable star designation of NSV 24910. In 2006, it became the first star to be directly imaged (in the infrared) other than the Sun. Its equator is darker than its pole due to its rapid rotation, which was visible as a white spot in images. No planets have been detected and there are some theoretical reasons for why a star rotating so quickly might not have planets. It has two visual companions that are not bound to it, but merely close to it in the sky. One of 5 PICTURE-C targets selected for sub-orbital coronograph observation.

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