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Alsafi is also known as Sigma Draconis, HR 7462, Gl 764, and HD 185144. It's name is from derived from Arabic for a "cooking tripod" that nomads used. It has been reclassified in 2003 as a G9 Yellow Dwarf star (it was thought to be an orange dwarf). It has about 90% of the Sun's mass and 80% of its diameter. There appears to be a sunspot cycle, though its length is undetermined, and it was found to be the least variable of any of the stars observed by Hipparcos. It is thought to be 7 to 8 Billion Years old. It was a tier 1 target for Nasa's Terrestrial Planet Finder and a top target for ESA's Darwin project before both projects were put on indefinite hold. It was described as being the fourth easiest star to find terrestrial planets. No indication of any planets or dust disks have so far been detected. One of 5 PICTURE-C targets selected for sub-orbital coronograph observation.

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