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Algebracabra is a math-based role playing game I am creating. It's a math game involving higher level math than just arithmetic and can be played with any type of math, from algebra to calculus. The basic idea is that in order to perform spells in this world, you first need to solve mathematical problems. The rest of the game is a standard turn-based role playing games, pitting you and your spells against giant beasts and dragons, and collecting more spells and items as you defeat them. This game does not come with its own set of mathematical problems. Instead, you should find your problems from some other sources, such as a math book that has solutions in the back of the book. This way, you will be solving problems at whatever area you are currently studying or want practice in. You will also need one die and a sheet of paper to record your statistics and inventory.

You play the role of a student at a magical academy, which sends you on assignments to vanquish dragons.