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Fights like Ryu and Ken, but has mastered the "murderous intent" of the style. Killed their master Gouken.


  • Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Strategy)
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Strategy)
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Strategy)
  • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (Strategy)
  • Street Fighter EX
  • Street Fighter EX 2
  • Capcom Vs. SNK
  • Capcom Vs. SNK 2 (Strategy)
  • Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (Strategy)

Move List[]

Standing Normal Punches[]


LP while Standing (all games); LP while Standing Close (SFA2)
(Identical to Ryu's "Jab")
A quick jab forwards with his left (near) hand.

"Straight Punch"[]

MP while Standing (SF2,SFA3,SF3), HP while Standing (SF2);HP (SFA2)
(Identical to Ryu's "Straight Punch")
A powerfull punch straight forwards with his right (far) hand.

"Palm Strike"[]

MP (SF3)
Akuma strikes straight forwards with his right palm.

"Left Handed Punch"[]

HP (SF3)
Similar to the standard "Left Handed Jab" except his stance is widened and he punches further and harder with his left hand.

"Elbow Jab"[]

LP while Standing Close (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Elbow Jab")
Akuma quickly hits his opponent on the head with his left elbow.

"Body Blow"[]

MP while Standing Close (SF2,SFA,SF3)
(Identical to Ryu's "Gut Punch")
Akuma punches his opponent in the gut with his right hand.

"Standing Uppercut"[]

HP while Standing Close (SF2, SF3); MP (SFA1,SFA2)
(Identical to Ryu's "Standing Uppercut")
Akuma performs a standing uppercut with his left arm.

Standing Normal Kicks[]

"Low Roundhouse Kick"[]

LK while Standing Close (SF2), LK (SFA, SF3, SFEX)
(Identical to Ryu's "Low Roundhouse Kick")
A quick, weak low roundhouse kick targeting his opponent's mid-leg area with the front of his foot.

"High Side Kick"[]

MK while Standing (SF2,SFA); LK while Standing (SF2); MK while Standing (SFA)
(Identical to Ryu's "High Kick")
Akuma leans back and performs a high side kick with his leading leg.

"Reverse Roundhouse Kick"[]

HK while Standing (all games); HK while Standing Close (SFA2)
(Identical to Ryu's "Reverse Roundhouse Kick")
Akuma performs a reverse roundhouse kick targetting his opponent's chin with his heel.

"Knee Thrust"[]

MK while Standing Close (SF2)
(Identical to Ryu's "Knee Thrust")
Akuma thrusts his knee high into his opponent's gut.

"Axe Kick"[]

HK while Standing Close (SF2,SFA3,SF3); MK (SFA2)
(Identical to Ryu's "Axe Kick")
Akuma sends his foot straight up into the air and then it comes back down on his opponent.

Crouching Normals[]

"Crouching Jab"[]

D+LP (all games), D+MP (SF3)
(Identical to Ryu's "Crouching Jab")
Like Akuma's "Left Handed Jab" except he is crouching.

"Crouching Punch"[]

(Identical to Ryu's "Crouching Punch")
Like Akuma's "Right Handed Punch" except he is crouching.


D+HP (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Upper")
Akuma rises from a crouching position while performing an uppercut with his right hand.

"Quick Low Kick"[]

D+LK (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Quick Low Kick")
With his right knee planted on the ground, his left leg does a quick short low kick.

"Long Low Kick"[]

D+MK (SF2, SFA), D+LK (SF3)
(Identical to Ryu's "Long Low Kick")
While crouching, Akuma drops down further, sharing his weight between his right arm and bent right leg, and extends his left foot far forwards.

"Right Low Kick"[]

D+MK (SF3)
(Identical to Ryu's "Right Low Kick")
Akuma braces himself with his right arm, has his left knee bent forwards, and slides his right foot far forwards.

"Drop Sweep"[]

D+HK (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Drop Sweep")
While crouching, Akuma extends his right foot and twists about his left foot, often times tripping his opponent.

Normal Air Punches[]

"Air Jab"[]

LP while in air (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Air Jab")
Akuma jabs with is (near) left hand diagonally downwards.

"Air Elbow"[]

U+LP (SF3)
(Identical to Ryu's "Air Elbow")
Akuma brings down his left elbow on his opponent's head.

"Air Punch"[]

(MP or HP) in the air (SF2,SF3)
(Identical to Ryu's "Air Punch")
Akuma punches with his right (far) hand diagonally downwards.

"Forwards Air Punch"[]

U+HP (SF3)
(Identical to Ryu's "Forwards Air Punch")
Akuma punches straight forwards (presumably against an oppenent jumping at him) while jumping or descending vertically in the air.

Normal Air Kicks[]

"Air High Kick"[]

U + LK (SF2); U + MK (SF2)
(Identical to Ryu's "Air High Kick")
Akuma kicks his right leg high up to head level while in the air.

"Air Forwards Kick"[]

U + HK (SF2), U + MK (SF2)
(Identical to Ryu's "Air High Kick")
Akuma kicks his right leg straight forwards while in the air. His bent right arm also punches upwards.

"Air Fowards High Kick"[]

U + HK (SF2)
(Identical to Ryu's "Air Forwards High Kick")
While in the air, Akuma twists his body about and sends his right foot diagonally upwards and forwards.

"Downwards Jump Knee"[]

JD + LK (SF2, SF3), J + LK (SF3)
(Identical to Ryu's "Downwards Jump Knee")
While in the air, Akuma bends his left knee and aims it downwards and forwards. In SF2, his left hand also punches parallel to his knee, while in the SF3 version it just hangs down.

"Jump Kick"[]

JD + MK (SF2, SF3); JD + HK (SF2, SF3)
(Identical to Ryu's "Jump Kick")
While in the air, Akuma kicks his left leg diagonally and downwards. His left hand also punches parallel to his kick.


Seoi Nage[]

Punch Throw (all games)
(Identical to Ryu's "Seoi Nage")
Akuma grapples his opponent and tosses him over his shoulder.

Tomoe Nage[]

Kick Throw (SF2,SFA,SF3,CvS1)
(Identical to Ryu's "Tomoe Nage")
Akuma grapples his opponents with his foot against his stomach, rolls onto his back, and tosses them across the stage with his foot away from his head.

Jigoku Guruma[]

Kick Throw (CvS2)

Special Normals[]

Zugai Hatatsu[]

A lunging "Karate chop" to the head.

Senpu Kyaku[]

(Identical to Ryu's Senpu Kyaku)
Akuma does a short hop forwards ending in a kick.

Tenma Kuujin Kyaku[]

UF then D + MK (SF3)

Special Moves[]


QCF+P (all games)
This move is pretty much the same thing as a Hadouken. Akuma gathers Chi into an energy ball and releases that energy towards an opponent. This move is always performed with QCF+P. The higher the strength of the punch button pressed, the faster the gohadouken travels across the screen. The Gohadouken is about half the size of a Akuma and is released at chest-level.

Shakunetsu Hadouken[]

This is a multi-hitting powerfull Hadouken similar to Ryu's own Shakunetsu Hadouken. When Akuma is not handi-capping himself (SSF2T Akuma and SFA2 Shin Akuma), this move has almost no startup or recovery time. Normally though, this move has considerable startup and recover times. The harder the punch button pressed, the longer Akuma charges it and the slower it travels across the screen. It will set an enemy on fire, dish out multiple hits, and knock them down.

Gou Shoryuken[]

DP+P (all games)
This is pretty much the same thing as Ryu's version of the Shoryuken. It is a rising dragon uppercut attack which moves slightly forwards (though not as forwards as Akuma's would later do). The higher the strength of the punch button used, the higher, farther, and harder the attack.

Zanku Hadouken[]

QCF+P (in air) (all games)
A Hadouken is released diagonally downwards towards the opponent.

Tatsumaki Zankukyaku[]

QCB+K (all games)
This is pretty much the same thing as a Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku, although it doesn't travel as far across the screen. The Tatsumaki Senpukyaku is the third basic move characteristic of the Shotokan style of martial arts. Akuma leaps straight in the air with one leg while the other spins around in a fierce hurricane kick. While spinning, Akuma travels horizontally forwards across the screen. This move can also be performed in the air. The higher the strength of the kick button used, the longer, farther, and harder the attack.

In the Street Fighter EX series, this move only performs one twisting air kick, which can be repeated up to three times while still in the air. The weaker the kick, the higher Ryu travels upwards.

Hyaku Shuu[]

QCF,UF+P (SF3); DP+K (SF3,CvS2)
Akuma rolls into a ball and lunges in an arc towards his opponent. The more powerfull the buttong pressed, the further he travels. This move is then followed up by one of the following moves:

Hyakki Gouzan[]

do nothing after a Hyaku Shuu (SFA,SF3,CvS2)
If no commands are issued after performing a Hyaku Shuu while he was in the air, Akuma will do a sliding kick as soon as he touches the ground.

Hyaki Goushou[]

P after a Hyaku Shuu (SFA,SF3,CvS2)
Akuma punches downwards on his opponent.

Hyaki Goujin[]

K after a Hyaku Shuu (SFA,SF3,CvS2)
Akuma kicks down on his opponent.

Hyaki Gousai[]

Punch Throw after a Hyaku Shuu when close to opponent's head (SFA,CvS2,SF3)
Akuma will grab his opponent by his shoulders, flip him in the air and toss him.

Hyaki Gotsui[]

Kick Throw when close to opponent (SFA,CvS2)

Super Moves[]

Messatsu-Gou Hadou[]

A very large and powerfull multi-hitting go hadouken.


DQCF+P in air (SFA-A,SF3,CvS)
An extra strong and large go hadouken thrown from the air like a Zanku Hadouken.


Akuma performs several Goushoryukens.


Akuma launches his Tatsumaki Zankukyaku very high straight up in the air, juggling his opponents between his kicks on the way up.


Akuma performs a Ashura Senku towards his opponent, grabs his opponent, and causes his chest to explode, dealing massive damage.


D,D,D+3P (SF3)
Akuma strikes the ground and causes fountains of flame to sprout high out of the ground on either side of him. The closer the opponent is to Akuma, the higher the damage.

Non-Attack Moves[]

Zenpo Tenshin[]


Ashura Senku[]

(DP or RDP) + (3P or 3K) (SFA); (DP or RDP) + (2P or 2K) (SF3)