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The nearest known co-moving group. Some free floating planets or brown dwarf have been detected.

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  • AB Doradus System - Nearby triple star system. The very dim star C was resolved with a technique that will next be used to attempt to resolve exoplanets. This found that it was a very dim red dwarf instead of a brown dwarf, and is one of the lowest mass stars known. Principle star of the AB Doradus Moving Group.
  • BD+01°2447 System - BD+01°2447 is a red dwarf star in Sextans also known as LHS 2272, G 162-60, HIP 51317, Ross 446, and Gl 393. An AB Doradus moving group member.
  • CFBDSIR 2149 System - The first rogue planet confirmed not orbiting a star, and the first as small as a planet and not too distant (100 ly). Others have been found much further away, but it is difficult in estimating their mass and thus distinguish them from brown dwarves. About as large as Jupiter and 4-7 times as. Resides about 4 light years from the nearest star. Detected by a Montreal group in the infrared because it is still warm, about 400C. It is traveling with the AB Doradus group, giving astronomers a hypothesis that it may be 50-120 Million Years old. It is not known if it was expelled from one of the stars in the group, or if it formed without a parent star.

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