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36 Ophiuchi is also known as Gl 663. A nearby triple orange dwarf star system. Stars A and B have extremely eccentric orbits and their distance varies from 7 to 169 AU and are bright K0/K1 stars. Star A is also called HR 6402 and 155886, while Star B is also called HR 6401 and HD 155885. Limits have been placed on planets in this system and orbits beyond 1.5 AU may not be possible. Gliese Star C lies 5,000 AU away and is a dimmer star. It is also known as Gl 663C and Gl 664 and HD 156026. It is a RS CVn type variable star designated V2215 Oph. The system is relatively young at 1 to 1.8 Billion Years old and A is sometimes listed as a pre-main sequence star.

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