Dec 2015Edit

False Positive For Hot Jupiters Higher Than Though for KeplerEdit

Rocky Planets Don't Favor Stars With High IronEdit

Superpuff Planets - Terrestrial in Mass But Jovian in SizeEdit

Discoveries Hit HomeEdit

Right Composition Needed for Habitable PlanetsEdit

New Exoplanet Names ApprovedEdit

Hubble Studies 10 Hot JupitersEdit

See WASP-12 System, WASP-6 System, WASP-31 System, WASP-33 System, HD 189733 System, HAT-P-12 System, WASP-17 System, WASP-19 System, HAT-P-1 System, HD 209458 System

Jul 2015Edit

Nearly All Planetary System Has Building Blocks to Make an EarthEdit

Viewing Exoplanets with James Webb TelescopeEdit

Jun 2015Edit

Ages of Planet Bearing Kepler Stars DeterminedEdit

May 2015Edit

Top 20 Exoplanetary Systems Up For NamingEdit

Apr 2015Edit

Search for More EarthsEdit

NExSS Coalition to Search For LifeEdit

Millimeter Sized Rocks Formed PlanetsEdit

Defining Venus ZoneEdit

Circumbinary Rocky Planets Could be CommonEdit

Mini Neptunes to Super EarthsEdit

See also CoRoT-7 System

Gas Giant MigrationEdit

Jupiter May Destroyed Solar System's Original Inner Super EarthsEdit

Mar 2015Edit

Detecting Habitable Red Dwarf PlanetsEdit

See Kepler-186 System

Most Multiplanet Systems Have HZ Planet Per Bode's LawEdit

Cheops Satellite To Search For Transits For Dopplar Detected PlanetsEdit

Stars With Epistellar Super Earths More Metal Rich Than Those Further OutEdit

Kepler 6 Year AnniversaryEdit

Determining if a Planet is InhabitedEdit

Suborbital Coronograph For Spotting ExoplanetsEdit

See Vega System, Alsafi System, Epsilon Eridani System, Altair System, Tau Ceti System
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