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Dec 2015[]

False Positive For Hot Jupiters Higher Than Though for Kepler[]

Rocky Planets Don't Favor Stars With High Iron[]

Superpuff Planets - Terrestrial in Mass But Jovian in Size[]

Discoveries Hit Home[]

Right Composition Needed for Habitable Planets[]

New Exoplanet Names Approved[]

Hubble Studies 10 Hot Jupiters[]

See WASP-12 System, WASP-6 System, WASP-31 System, WASP-33 System, HD 189733 System, HAT-P-12 System, WASP-17 System, WASP-19 System, HAT-P-1 System, HD 209458 System

Jul 2015[]

Nearly All Planetary System Has Building Blocks to Make an Earth[]

Viewing Exoplanets with James Webb Telescope[]

Jun 2015[]

Ages of Planet Bearing Kepler Stars Determined[]

May 2015[]

Top 20 Exoplanetary Systems Up For Naming[]

Apr 2015[]

Search for More Earths[]

NExSS Coalition to Search For Life[]

Millimeter Sized Rocks Formed Planets[]

Defining Venus Zone[]

Circumbinary Rocky Planets Could be Common[]

Mini Neptunes to Super Earths[]

See also CoRoT-7 System

Gas Giant Migration[]

Jupiter May Destroyed Solar System's Original Inner Super Earths[]

Mar 2015[]

Detecting Habitable Red Dwarf Planets[]

See Kepler-186 System

Most Multiplanet Systems Have HZ Planet Per Bode's Law[]

Cheops Satellite To Search For Transits For Dopplar Detected Planets[]

Stars With Epistellar Super Earths More Metal Rich Than Those Further Out[]

Kepler 6 Year Anniversary[]

Determining if a Planet is Inhabited[]

Suborbital Coronograph For Spotting Exoplanets[]

See Vega System, Alsafi System, Epsilon Eridani System, Altair System, Tau Ceti System