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Nov 2014[]

Gaia Could Discover 10,000s Planets Too[]

Exozodiacal Light Survey[]

Delta Eridani System, Omicron Ceti System, Beta Pictoris System, HD 69830 System, HD 172555 System, Lamda Gemini System

Planetary Atmosphere Key to Life[]

Oct 2014[]

Chaotic Births Could Spawn Retrograde Planets[]

Rediscovering Venus to Detect Exo-Earths[]

Large Planets Can Drive Planets Inward to "Warm" Jupiter Orbits[]

Do Exocomets Rain on White Dwarves?[]

Sep 2014[]

Planets in Mercury-Like Orbits Could Host Life[]

Probing the "Venus Zone"[]

Hot Jupiters Can Cause their Stars to Wobble[]

Half of Planet Bearing Stars are Binary[]

What's Next for Exoplanetology[]

Do Planets Change Classes[]

Aug 2014[]

Finding Earth 2.0[]

Rotation Affects Habitability[]

Radio Waves May Point to Exomoons[]

Jul 2014[]

Clouds Could Keep Planet Habitable[]

Oceans Could Keep Planet Habitable[]

Diamonds Under Pressure Mimic Exoplanet Cores[]

Very Close to Finding Earth's Twin[]

Eccentricity Tides Could Keep Tectonics Active, Helping Life[]

Hunt for Eccentricity Inducing Brown Dwarfs[]

Name Exoworlds IAU Endeavor[]

New Theories Needed[]

Jun 2014[]

Would Earth Look Habitable From Afar?[]

Titan Sheds Light on Exoplanet Atmospheres[]

Jovian Moons Shed Light on Exoplanets[]

Do we Have the Will to Find Exolife?[]

Kepler's New Mission[]

Exoplanet Life Checklist[]

Feb 2014[]

Kepler's Second Mission[]

Large Moon Not Needed for Life[]

Jan 2014[]

PLATO Lead Candidate ESA Mission[]