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Dec 2012 Articles[]

2012 in Review[]

See Planet Hunters 1 System, TrES-2 System, 55 Cancri System, WASP-12 System, HD 40307 System, Gliese 163 System, Kepler-35 System, Kepler-34 System, Kepler-47 System, Alpha Centauri System, KOI-961 System, Kappa Andromedae System

Talking with Artist Lynn Cook (Dec 12)[]

See 51 Pegasi System, Kepler-35 System, 55 Cancri System, GD 362 System, HD 222582 System

Jun 2012[]

New Planet Hunting Satellite Pair Proposed[]

Brown Dwarfs Get Swallowed by Stars[]

Small Planets Common Around Many Types of Stars, Including Metal Poor Ones[]

Venus Transit Similar to Exoplanets[]

Up to 35% Kepler Epistellar Candidates are False Positives[]

Pluto-Charon's Moons Mimicks Binary Star Planetary Systems[]

Frequency Combs to Join Exoplanet Hunt[]

May 2012[]

Kepler Mission Data Reveal First Non-Transiting Planet Candidates[]

Dust Rings Could be Caused By Asteroid Collisions instead of Planets[]

See Fomalhaut System

Hot Jupiters Could Abort Formation of Exo-Earths[]

Great Exoplanet Debate[]


See 55 Cancri System

Free Floating Planets Could Outnumber Stars by Factor of Thousands[]

Tidal Heating Could Kill Habitable Alien Worlds Around Red Dwarfs[]

Earth-Like Chemicals Found in White Dwarf Debris Disks[]

See PG0843+516 System

Exoplanet Conference[]

Apr 2012[]

Orphan Planets Could Be Snatched By Stars[]

See Oph1622 System

Kepler Mission Extended[]

Stellar Metallicity Required For Terrestrial Planets Calculated[]

Kepler App[]

Tides Harm Habitability[]

Discovery of Alien Earth Imminent[]

Life on Methusala Planets[]

See HIP 11952 System, PSR B1620-26 System

Mar 2012[]

Asteroid Debris Found in White Dwarf Atmospheres[]

Hunt for Exoplanets[]

Studying a Goldilocks Planet[]

Forecasting Weather[]

Billions of Super Earths Around Red Dwarfs[]

Super Earths Not Likely To Disperse Life[]

See Gliese 581 System

Life of Super Earths[]

HARPS-North to Follow Up on Kepler Candidates[]

Planets Around Hypervelocity Stars[]

Life on Planets with Two Suns[]

Planet Pileups and Deserts[]

Free Floating Planets Stepping Stones to Interstellar Space[]

Stars with Dusty Disks Should Have Earth-Like Worlds[]

See LkCa 15 System, HL Tau System, Eta Corvi System

Star Comb to Find Exoplanets[]

See HD 168723 System

Venus Transit Approaching[]

Over 1000 New Kepler Candidates[]

How Many Unbound Planets?[]

Earthshine Model For Finding Exolife[]

New Planet Accretion Model[]

Leap Years on Exoplanets[]

Earth-Like Planets Could Be Nothing Like Earth[]

James Web Space Telescope and Exoplanet Studies[]

Feb 2012[]

Are We Alone[]

Bounty of Planets[]

Free Floating Planets Plentiful[]

Earth Siblings Could Be Different[]

Variations in C/O ratio and Mg/Si ratios
See 55 Cancri System, HD 17051 System, HD 19994 System

Extending HZ for Red Dwarves[]

See Gliese 667 System

Molten Interiors Phases and Formation of Super Earths[]

See Kepler-22 System

Proposed EXCEED Exoplanetary Dust Mission[]

Earth-Like Planet Search Lecture[]

Could Planets Bounce Between Two Stars?[]

Kepler to Search for Exomoons[]

Plants Shaped Earth, Likelihood of Earthlike Planet Diminished[]

High Axis Tilt Bad for Life, Earth Could Have Had It[]

Russia Starts its Own Exoplanet Hunt[]

Elements of Exoplanets[]

Jan 2012[]

11 New Kepler Systems[]

See Kepler-23 System, Kepler-24 System, Kepler-25 System, Kepler-26 System, Kepler-27 System, Kepler-28 System, Kepler-29 System, Kepler-30 System, Kepler-31 System, Kepler-32 System, Kepler-33 System

Super Earths[]

See Kepler-11 System

Earth's Cloud Past and Exoplanets[]

Abundance of Exoplanets[]

Any System Possible[]

Ejection in Cluster Most Likely Explanation for Most Rogues[]

Kepler Could Find Exomoons[]

160 Billion Planets in Galaxy[]

Tattoine Planets Common[]

Kepler-16 System, Kepler-34 System, Kepler-35 System

Indians Searching for Planets[]

Habitable Zone Gallery Published[]

Loss of Planetary Tilt Could Doom Life[]

See Gliese 581 System, Kepler-22 System

James Web Could Sniff Exoplanet Air[]

Search for Habitable Exomoons[]

First Four Exoplanets Announced[]

See HAT-P-34 System, HAT-P-35 System, HAT-P-36 System, HAT-P-37 System