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2012 in ReviewEdit

See Planet Hunters 1 System, TrES-2 System, 55 Cancri System, WASP-12 System, HD 40307 System, Gliese 163 System, Kepler-35 System, Kepler-34 System, Kepler-47 System, Alpha Centauri System, KOI-961 System, Kappa Andromedae System

Talking with Artist Lynn Cook (Dec 12)Edit

See 51 Pegasi System, Kepler-35 System, 55 Cancri System, GD 362 System, HD 222582 System

Jun 2012Edit

New Planet Hunting Satellite Pair ProposedEdit

Brown Dwarfs Get Swallowed by StarsEdit

Small Planets Common Around Many Types of Stars, Including Metal Poor OnesEdit

Venus Transit Similar to ExoplanetsEdit

Up to 35% Kepler Epistellar Candidates are False PositivesEdit

Pluto-Charon's Moons Mimicks Binary Star Planetary SystemsEdit

Frequency Combs to Join Exoplanet HuntEdit

May 2012Edit

Kepler Mission Data Reveal First Non-Transiting Planet CandidatesEdit

Dust Rings Could be Caused By Asteroid Collisions instead of PlanetsEdit

See Fomalhaut System

Hot Jupiters Could Abort Formation of Exo-EarthsEdit

Great Exoplanet DebateEdit


See 55 Cancri System

Free Floating Planets Could Outnumber Stars by Factor of ThousandsEdit

Tidal Heating Could Kill Habitable Alien Worlds Around Red DwarfsEdit

Earth-Like Chemicals Found in White Dwarf Debris DisksEdit

See PG0843+516 System

Exoplanet ConferenceEdit

Apr 2012Edit

Orphan Planets Could Be Snatched By StarsEdit

See Oph1622 System

Kepler Mission ExtendedEdit

Stellar Metallicity Required For Terrestrial Planets CalculatedEdit

Kepler AppEdit

Tides Harm HabitabilityEdit

Discovery of Alien Earth ImminentEdit

Life on Methusala PlanetsEdit

See HIP 11952 System, PSR B1620-26 System

Mar 2012Edit

Asteroid Debris Found in White Dwarf AtmospheresEdit

Hunt for ExoplanetsEdit

Studying a Goldilocks PlanetEdit

Forecasting WeatherEdit

Billions of Super Earths Around Red DwarfsEdit

Super Earths Not Likely To Disperse LifeEdit

See Gliese 581 System

Life of Super EarthsEdit

HARPS-North to Follow Up on Kepler CandidatesEdit

Planets Around Hypervelocity StarsEdit

Life on Planets with Two SunsEdit

Planet Pileups and DesertsEdit

Free Floating Planets Stepping Stones to Interstellar SpaceEdit

Stars with Dusty Disks Should Have Earth-Like WorldsEdit

See LkCa 15 System, HL Tau System, Eta Corvi System

Star Comb to Find ExoplanetsEdit

See HD 168723 System

Venus Transit ApproachingEdit

Over 1000 New Kepler CandidatesEdit

How Many Unbound Planets?Edit

Earthshine Model For Finding ExolifeEdit

New Planet Accretion ModelEdit

Leap Years on ExoplanetsEdit

Earth-Like Planets Could Be Nothing Like EarthEdit

James Web Space Telescope and Exoplanet StudiesEdit

Feb 2012Edit

Are We AloneEdit

Bounty of PlanetsEdit

Free Floating Planets PlentifulEdit

Earth Siblings Could Be DifferentEdit

Variations in C/O ratio and Mg/Si ratios
See 55 Cancri System, HD 17051 System, HD 19994 System

Extending HZ for Red DwarvesEdit

See Gliese 667 System

Molten Interiors Phases and Formation of Super EarthsEdit

See Kepler-22 System

Proposed EXCEED Exoplanetary Dust MissionEdit

Earth-Like Planet Search LectureEdit

Could Planets Bounce Between Two Stars?Edit

Kepler to Search for ExomoonsEdit

Plants Shaped Earth, Likelihood of Earthlike Planet DiminishedEdit

High Axis Tilt Bad for Life, Earth Could Have Had ItEdit

Russia Starts its Own Exoplanet HuntEdit

Elements of ExoplanetsEdit

Jan 2012Edit

11 New Kepler SystemsEdit

See Kepler-23 System, Kepler-24 System, Kepler-25 System, Kepler-26 System, Kepler-27 System, Kepler-28 System, Kepler-29 System, Kepler-30 System, Kepler-31 System, Kepler-32 System, Kepler-33 System

Super EarthsEdit

See Kepler-11 System

Earth's Cloud Past and ExoplanetsEdit

Abundance of ExoplanetsEdit

Any System PossibleEdit

Ejection in Cluster Most Likely Explanation for Most RoguesEdit

Kepler Could Find ExomoonsEdit

160 Billion Planets in GalaxyEdit

Tattoine Planets CommonEdit

Kepler-16 System, Kepler-34 System, Kepler-35 System

Indians Searching for PlanetsEdit

Habitable Zone Gallery PublishedEdit

Loss of Planetary Tilt Could Doom LifeEdit

See Gliese 581 System, Kepler-22 System

James Web Could Sniff Exoplanet AirEdit

Search for Habitable ExomoonsEdit

First Four Exoplanets AnnouncedEdit

See HAT-P-34 System, HAT-P-35 System, HAT-P-36 System, HAT-P-37 System
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