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Our human ancestor species evolved and spread throughout much of the Old World. Homo Erectus may have been dominant at this time, with pockets of older humanity still around.

1 Million Years Ago Web Pages[]


East Africa

  • Lake Turkana - Lake in Kenya where many types of humans over the ages lived.
  • Middle Awash - Site in Ethiopia along the Awash River. Fossils of humans of different kind over the ages has been found.

South Africa

  • Wonderwerk Cave - Cave in South Africa where the earliest use of Fire has been confirmed.

West Europe


Near East

East Asia

  • Nihawan Basin - River basin in China just west of Beijing that is home to many archaeological dates dating from almost 2 million years ago to a hundred thousand years ago.

Australia & Oceana


  • Allan Hills - A hilly area of Antarctica near the start of the Trans-Antarctic Mountains. Has martian and lunar meteors, blue ice cores dating 2.4 million years, and a fossilized forest from the Triassic period.

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