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Roughly 1000 years ago. Civilizations had developed across much of the world by this time. Many nations in the old world adhered to one of the major world religions.

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Southern Africa

  • Richtersveld - Desert home to herding native South Africans.
  • Tsodilo Hills - Contains possibly the earliest known rock paintings, many of which were done by the San people.
  • Mapungubwe - Hill at the center of southern Africa's first kingdom.

East Africa

  • Musawwarat es-Sufra - Egyptian-style temple complex in Sudan.
  • Old Dongola Throne Hall - Throne room of king of the Nubian Kingdom of Makuria, also known as the Mosque Building.
  • Lalibela Monolithic Churches C- 11 monolithic churches carved from rock in Lalibela, Ethiopia, a new Jerusalem. Church of St. George is the most prominent.
  • Lake Turkana - Lake in Kenya where many types of humans over the ages lived.
  • Great Mosque of Kilwa Kisiwani - A mosque in Kilwa and the oldest surviving mosque on Africa's east coast. One of the first mosques built without a courtyard (entirely roofed).
  • Harar Jugo - The old town of Harar, considered by locals to be the fourth holiest city of Islam. Has highest concentration of mosques in the world. Three mosques are from the 10th century.
  • Tiya - Possible graveyard filled with stone monuments of a pagan civilization in central Ethiopia.
  • Fakr ad-Din Mosque - The oldest mosque in Mogadishu. Has cylindrical and polygonal cone domes.

Central Africa

West Africa

North Africa


West Europe

It was a focal point for the spread of Christianity among the Scotts and Picts.

  • Major Basilicas C - The four major papal basilicas located around Rome. Only a pope or his designee can perform mass at the high altar of one of these churches.

Central Europe

  • St. John's Abbey - An abbey founded at the time of Charlemagne along the way from Germany to Rome in the Swiss Alps. Known for its frescos.
  • Prague Castle - Castle in Prague.

Northern Europe

  • Nidaros Cathedral - Cathedral built over St. Olaf's burial site in Trondheim, Norway.
  • Gamla Uppsala C - Famous Viking religious and cultural center, which later became the seat of Sweden's archbishopric. Site of an ancient grand norse pagan temple, which may or may not have actually existed, it is a symbol of the final days of Paganism in Europe.

Eastern Europe

  • Hagia Sophia C - ~The chief church of the Eastern Roman Empire, which was later converted to a mosque.
  • Etchmiadzin Cathedral C - A church in Armenia that is considered the world's first Cathedral and the mother church of the Armenian Apostolic Church.
  • St. Sophia's Cathedral - Orthodox church.


West Asia

South Asia

  • Somnath Temple - ~A Hindu temple in India that had been destroyed and rebuilt many times, the latest time when India became independent.
  • Ellora Caves C - A series of rock-cut temples in Maharashtra in India. Contains Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain monuments, including the top-down carved Kailasa temple.

East Asia

North Asia

  • Chukchi - Native people of north-east Siberia.

Island East Asia

  • Borobudur C - The largest Buddhist temple in the world, on the island of Java in Indonesia.
  • Sitio Kamhantick - Site at Mount Kamhantick that contains the remains of an ancient Philippine (most likely Tagalog) village, including tombs of limestone.
  • Senso-Ji Temple C - ~Main Buddhist temple in Tokyo.

North America[]


  • Birnirk - Headland on the Arctic coast that separates Chukchi Sea from the Beaufort Sea and northern most territory of the US. About the furthest east the Thule Inuit made it to by 1000 AD.
  • Inuksuk Point - Site where 100 standing Inuksuks can be found.
  • Tjodhilde's Church - First church in Greenland.

West Coast

  • Haida Gwaii - Island archipelago home to the Haida People off the coast of British Columbia.
  • Emeryville Shell Mound - Shell mound in the Chochenyan capital at Emeryville, who were the most advanced Ohlone people living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Western Plains

  • Ulm Pishkun - A cliff native americans would drive buffalo over.



East Coast

  • L'Anse oux Meadows - The first confirmed Viking settlement site in North America.
  • Beothuk Interpretation Centre - Intrepration Center of the Beothuk people of Newfoundland.
  • Ganondagan - Iroquois "Town of Peace" and burial site of Jikonsase. Today a houses a museum and recreation of a long house.


South America[]


  • Akapana Pyramid - Cross-like pyramid in Tiwanaku, capital of the Tiwanaku Empire, off the old coast of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.
  • Vegachayoq Moqo - Temple and/or Royal Palace near a royal tomb in Huari, the capital of the Huari Empire, a Peruvian Empire from a thousand years ago.


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